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Legalising Canadian Documents for Qatar

Before you can use your Canadian documents in Qatar, they will need to be legalised. Whether it is an educational qualification, a birth, marriage or death certificate, or any other Canadian personal or company document, we'll take the hassle away for you and save you time and money.

How does it work?

Legalising a Canadian document can be complicated, especially as the process is different depending upon the type of document you have and who you need to present it to. To make things easier for you, we’ve outlined below the process that each document needs to go through, but bear in mind that the process for some documents can vary from the below details. If you want to be certain that we can provide you with fully accurate information, get in touch for your free personalised quotation.
attesting canadian documents uae authentication stamp

Document Authentication

Before documents can be presented to the Qatari authorities in either Canada, they need to be authenticated. During this process the Ministry of Global Affairs will stamp the original document to confirm the legitimacy of the document being presented. In some cases a legal authentication of the original document will also be required. 
Ministry of Global Affairs
Qatar Embassy Stamp

Qatar Embassy Legalisation

The final step in Canada is to have the document stamped, known as legalised, by the Qatar Embassy in Canada. During this stage an official Qatari-government sticker and seal is applied to the document. This confirms to the authorities in Qatar that the document has completed all the required steps in Canada. Please note that for degree qualifications, prior to submission to the Embassy, you will also need to arrange for your university to send supporting information directly to the Embassy in a sealed envelope. 
Qatar Embassy in Canada
Qatar Embassy Stamp

MoFA Attestation (Qatar)

Once the document has reached Qatar, it requires a further legalisation stamp by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar which validates that your document has been processed correctly in the Canada. Some employers make arrangements to handle this for you, so you should check whether this needs completing by you or not.
Learn More About MoFA Legalisation Here
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Qatar)

Translation into Arabic

In certain circumstances, your document may also require translation into Arabic. Again, your employer may handle this for you so best to check. If required, the whole document and its relevant stamps are translated from English into Arabic by a recognised certified translator. Once the translation has been done, then everything has been completed to make it fully useable within Qatar.
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Legalisation Notes

  • Educational documents require an additional process whereby the educational provider must send a copy of the associated transcript directly to the Embassy that is processing the legalisation. This must be sent in a sealed envelope that is addressed directly to the Qatar staff. This transcript will not be returned to you. Agents are unable to perform this service on your behalf and must be arranged by the holder of the qualification.
  • For birth, marriage or death certificates, the wallet size version cannot be accepted. The legalisation is always done on the original document.
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Why choose Vital Certificates?

Acceptance Guarantee
We guarantee your document will be valid in the country for which it was legalised.
Document Checking
Your documents will be checked prior to submission to ensure they are accepted.
Service Updates
Regular service updates mean you always know where your documents are.
Industry Leading Staff
Our advisers undertake regular training so the advice they give is always up-to-date.
Scanning Service
Get a digital copy of your completed documents prior to receiving shipment.
Fully Inclusive Price
Fees always include all charges, shipping and VAT (where applicable).

Docs from any country...

We're able to legalise a range of documents for use in Qatar, no matter where you're from. You can rest assured that by using our service, your attested documents will be accepted within Qatar.
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