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Translation Services

If you’re presenting a document for any official purpose in Qatar, it will only be accepted if it's in either English or Arabic. Vital Certificates can help you translate your documents whatever language they're in, so they're ready for legal use.
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Which types of translations do you offer?

We offer a range of different translation types to suit different purposes. Take a look at the different types below to see which one suits your circumstances.

Standard Translations

Used mainly for reference purposes (to understand the content of the document). For example, if you had a document in a language you aren’t familiar with and you just need to understand what it says, a normal translation would be the way to go.

Legal Translations

A type of translation that will be legally accepted by any government authority. There are only legal translators available for certain languages, however. When the document is required to be submitted to the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) or the Courts, legal translation is mandatory.

Certified Translations

Similar to a Legal Translation but cannot be submitted to the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) or the Courts. Certified translations are useful for certain scenarios when an official legal translator is not available in Qatar for a particular language (e.g. Portuguese, Hindi, Czech).
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Which documents can be translated?

We can translate any document for use in Qatar for a range of purposes. Some of the most common requests we receive include:

  • Personal documents (birth, marriage, death, divorce documents)
  • Education documents
  • Letters (medical, government, education)
  • Legal documents
  • Powers Of Attorney (POAs)

However, we can generally attest most types of document we come across. Get in touch and tell us about your specific circumstances to learn more.

Why do my documents need to be translated into both English and Arabic?

Whilst it would be technically possible to just translate directly into Arabic, there can be issues when doing this. Government ministries in Qatar prefer to accept a legal Arabic translation conducted in Qatar. This is to avoid misinterpretations of various Arabic spellings amongst other reasons.

Because of this, we always recommend that the original translation is performed into English as this is generally cheaper than Arabic. For a document that does require Arabic translation as well, these are very fast and cheap in Qatar, and are certain to be accepted by all ministries.

Which languages can you handle?

We can translate documents from practically any country in the world. Whether you have a document which requires translation into English or Arabic, we can help. We use professional translators who only work in their native languages, so you can be confident that the content of your document is accurately represented in the translation.

What if I need the document legalised too?

As global legalisation specialists, we can offer translation as a stand-alone service, or as part of the whole attestation process. Speak to one of our specialists who can advise you on the processes you may require based on your individual circumstances. Whether you’re looking for legalisation or translation services in Doha, or anywhere else in Qatar, or team are here and ready to help.

Why choose Vital Certificates?

Acceptance Guarantee
We guarantee your document will be valid in the country for which it was legalised.
Document Checking
Your documents will be checked prior to submission to ensure they are accepted.
Service Updates
Regular service updates mean you always know where your documents are.
Industry Leading Staff
Our advisers undertake regular training so the advice they give is always up-to-date.
Scanning Service
Get a digital copy of your completed documents prior to receiving shipment.
Fully Inclusive Price
Fees always include all charges, shipping and VAT (where applicable).


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